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Frequently asked questions regarding insurance plans through Barracuda Staffing can be found below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to reach out to us at 918-488-0887!

Essential StaffCare

Fixed Indemnity Questions and Answers

When can an employee enroll for benefits?
Employees may sign up for coverage during their first 30 days of employment or during the the company-wide open enrollment period(October 15-November 15) Leaving one job assignment and immediately starting another does not constitute a “new” 30-day open enrollment period. If an employee finishes an assignment and returns on a new assignment after 6 or more weeks, he/she may enroll as a new hire.

When does coverage go into effect?
Coverage goes into effect the Monday following the first payroll deduction

When do employees get an insurance card?
They should receive their permanent ID card within a few weeks of their coverage effective date. If they do not receive their ID card, they should call Essential StaffCare’s customer service number: 1-866-798-0803

How do employees cancel or make changes to coverage?
Coverage may be canceled or reduced at any time. To make changes or cancel coverage, call (800) 269-7783

When can an enrollee add coverage for himself/herself or dependents?
An enrollee may add coverage during an annual open enrollment period or during a qualifying life changing event, such as birth, marriage, death, divorce, adoption, medicare entitlement or loss of prior coverage. Proof of the event must be provided and enrollment or change must occur within 30 days of the event

MEC Wellness/Preventative Plan Questions and Answers

When does coverage begin?
Coverage begins the first of the month following receipt of the employees first payment

When can employees make changes or cancel coverage?
Employees can cancel at any time. Additional benefits or insured members can only be added during the initial 30 day period, annual open enrollment period, or within 30 days of a qualifying life event.

Other Information:
To enroll in additional benefits such as vision or dental, the employee must enroll in the Fixed Indemnity Medical Insurance Plan.

Accidental loss of Life, Limb & Sight is part of the Fixed Indemnity Medical Benefit. If an employee enrolls in Fixed Indemnity, they must put down a Beneficiary in the space at the bottom of Section C.

Fixed Indemnity and additional benefits are billed by weekly payroll deduction.

MEC Wellness plan is paid directly by employee to ESC. They will set up payments to ESC when they receive their information and ID card in the mail.

Community Care

HMO Plan CC 70/5000 Questions and Answers –

When can employees enroll in coverage?
Employees have 30 days from their first day of work to enroll. If they waive during their initial enrollment period then change their mind, they must wait for annual open enrollment or for a qualifying life event.

When does coverage go into effect?
Coverage will go into effect immediately after the employee has worked 90 days. *If their assignment ends and they start another assignment within 30 days, their coverage will remain in effect.

When is Community Care’s annual open enrollment period?
The month of December.

When do employees receive their insurance card?
They will receive their ID cards and information regarding their coverage in the mail within 2 weeks  of the effective date.

How do employees make changes or cancel coverage?
Employees can only make changes or cancel their coverage during an open enrollment period or during a qualifying life event. They are only able to cancel during one of these periods because Community Care is deducted on a Pre-Tax basis. Meaning the premium is deducted from their check before taxes are calculated.

How is the premium paid to Community Care?
The premium is payroll deducted on a weekly basis, starting 30 days before their coverage is effective. This is because Community Care is paid one month in advance.

Does Community Care offer any coverage other than medical?
We can only offer Medical coverage through Community Care. There is no option for dental or vision. However, Community Care does cover seeing an Optometrist for routine eye care once per year.

What doctors are in Community Care’s network?
Community Care’s network is St John and St Francis. Enrollees can view the Provider and Pharmacy directories on Community Care’s website.