Community Involvement at Barracuda Staffing

When the community is your main source of business, it becomes even more important than before to get involved in the community. While all companies should have a vested interest in the community, we take it personally to show how much we care.

Our Involvement

Here at Barracuda Staffing we are extremely involved in the community. It is a very important aspect of any small business to make themselves known around the community. It is also very important that when people think of any business, the first thought that comes to mind is a positive one. We have so many great team members that go above and beyond for our community in different organizations. We go out and make everyone that we encounter feel invited and welcomed to come in to the office so we can set them up for success.

Some of the bigger things that we have done so far this year are The Soldiers Wish Golf Tournament, The Tulsa Christmas Parade and many other smaller events. Around the holidays is one of the most important times of the year for our community, and we here at Barracuda really strive to show how special everyone is during this time of year. It fills us with joy to see our community flourish.

Why it’s Important

Without our contractors we wouldn’t be able to do any of the community events we do, and it feels great to show people how much they mean to this type of business. Just letting the community know that they have a place and they are needed and valued is such a special feeling. To be a part of a company that encourages that makes it even more meaningful. We have a very special place in our hearts for the community that we live in, so we strive to make it great. We want our community to flourish along with all of the wonderful people we share it with.

We are all always looking for more ways to improve this company and the community. After all, this is where we live and raise our children. We want to make it the best it can possibly be for the future generations to come. There are so many positive outcomes from helping hands.

Written by: Ashley Medellin Diaz