Customer Service Skills You Will Need to Survive the Workplace

Working in the customer service industry can be a very fast-paced, rough experience if you don’t have the right skills to help you out along the way. There are a few different skills that I’ve learned that help me succeed when it comes to dealing with the many different clients you’ll come in contact with in the customer service industry.


One of the very first things I learned in this industry is communication is key. You must be able to exchange information with a client as clearly and as accurately as possible. This way they understand exactly what is going on, and you’ll be able to handle any given situation. It is important when speaking with clients that you are as informative as possible. Be sure to answer any and all questions they may have to the best of your ability. All of this is key in communicating effectively and efficiently.

Active Listening

Another thing I learned about the customer service industry is that it is very important not to just give information to the client. You also have to be able to listen to them and their needs. The customer is always your first priority. Customers can tell if you’re not fully engaged, and this can lead to a negative reaction. The goal is to always keep it positive!

Body Language

Body language is also very important when communicating with a client. Customers can pick up on nonverbal cues, so if you are crossing your arms, avoiding eye contact, or even just frowning that can cause someone to react negatively. You can be giving off these signals even if you aren’t necessarily in a bad mood. So it is always best to be attentive when speaking with a client. Make sure to make eye contact, give a firm handshake, smile, keep a good posture (it shows you have confidence), and even take notes if necessary. That way the client will see that you were focused and actually paying attention to what they had to say!

If you practice these tips you will be able to succeed in the customer service industry. Just remember to be patient, polite, and professional at all times. Always show empathy to others, remember it is your job to make sure any questions they may have get answered and that they leave satisfied!

Written by: Tanisha Fisher