Employee Appreciation

It’s the Small Things

There are so many things that come along with being appreciated as an employee. One thing that really means a lot to me – and I’m sure a lot of other people as well – is the celebration of small wins. Whether it’s learning a new program or going above and beyond for someone on your team. Being celebrated as an employee not only makes you feel good, it also encourages you to try a little bit harder in your everyday job duties. It really shows to people that the company lifts up employees, which ultimately brings more people through the door.

Celebrating Employees

One thing that we do here at Barracuda is celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays of our employees. Being recognized as a person and not just an employee number is important. We truly value everyone that we have here. One of our favorite ways to show that we appreciate them is surprising them with thoughtfulness on their special day. There is something special about the way this team gets together and really does their best to make each other feel important and needed. In return, the candidates that walk through the door know that we all serve a purpose to serve others.


We try to do a lot of things with each other outside of work for the good of the community. You may see us around town volunteering to help anywhere we can. This is very important to not only show our team members appreciation of teamwork and togetherness, but also our Tulsa community. Without appreciating our community and everything they do for us we wouldn’t be able to appreciate each other the way we do. There is so much entailed in this thought, without you there wouldn’t be an us. So we do our best to show appreciation to everyone that walks through our doors. You are appreciated.

Employee of the Month

One last thing that is really special about our team is that we do employee of the month. It’s amazing to watch all the special people we have here be appreciated for just being them and the great people they are. Hard work really pays off here and can take you many places. It feels great to come to work with a smile on your face daily. We all know that we are needed and noticed for the hard work that we put in. This makes us want to take on new challenges and learn new roles and gives us a confidence boost to really push ourselves to keep making a difference. There are so many reasons to choose Barracuda but the fact that we appreciate everyone that comes in is why it’s better with Barracuda.  

Written by: Ashley Medellin Diaz