It’s Always a Good Time to Help Others

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. A sense of community really tends to come out in full force around November and December. Everyone comes together whether it’s to provide food for families, gifts to children, or necessary winter clothing. However, what happens in the other 10 months during the year? It is a very easy trap to fall into. A majority of people probably spend more hours in November and December volunteering than in all other months combined.

Serving others shouldn’t end when the holiday season does.

Now that the holiday season is over, people will go back to their lives and focus on their New Year’s resolutions. But the thing is, the needs in our community that were present during the holidays don’t go away. Neither do organization’s needs for volunteers. Sometimes it is hard to know how to continue to help organizations throughout the year because the opportunities seem to be less broadcasted after the holidays. The opportunities are truly endless as Tulsa has close to 4,000 non-profit organizations. 

How to Volunteer All Year

Find a Passion

Find a cause you are truly passionate about. You are so much more likely to stick with something you have a connection to or a passion for. When brainstorming about a cause, start broad. For example: kids, cancer research, animals, families, elderly, homeless, addiction or so many more. Then you can narrow it down from there.

Do Your Research

Do your research on local organizations and nonprofits that provide services for the area of interest you identified. See which organization you see yourself getting excited about or emotional about.

Reach Out

Talk with the organizations you’re interested in. What do the volunteer opportunities look like? What is the time commitment? What other ways do they have to help besides volunteerism?


Once you click with an opportunity, make a commitment to them and to yourself that you will remain consistent. It is the work of consistency that can make a lasting impact.

Recruit Others

Get your family, friends and/or co-workers involved too. It can make volunteer work more fun and more rewarding.

At Barracuda we believe in giving back to our community and we try our best to serve all year round. We have team members heavily involved in organizations such as Soldier’s Wish, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Family and Children’s Services, Youth Services of Tulsa and more. Our team members are encouraged to help serve within our community as they choose. We are given paid time off during the year specifically for volunteering.  This year, one of Barracuda’s proudest contributions was granting a wish for a soldier and his family by hosting the Soldier’s Wish Golf Tournament. Our team members and our organization continue to serve causes in a variety of ways and we hope to continue to serve the Tulsa community even more in 2019. I hope you are able to help a cause you are truly passionate about this year as well.

Written by: Brittany Currier