Seven Essential Skills in a Customer Service Environment

Customer Service is a must for any business. Without customers we can not operate a business, so the customer experience is vital to any business operating. There are some essential skills we must have when dealing with customers.


We all know that customers can get frustrated and can come across rude, demanding and impatient. It is crucial that we keep our patience when dealing with them to help defuse the situation.

Pay Attention  

We must be attentive when we are speaking with customers and assure them that we do care and want to help them.


It is very important we communicate properly and professionally.  Speak clearly and make sure that the customer understands what we are saying before moving on.


Positivity is contagious. If we want a customer to have a positive experience with us, we must give them a positive experience. Be polite and happy – and even through a phone call a customer can tell if we have a smile on our face.


We must be empathetic in a customer service environment, the customer needs to feel that we understand where they are coming from.


We must always return a customer’s phone calls, emails and/or messages. It is poor customer service to not do what we say we are going to do and leave a customer wondering. Lack of response can contribute substantially to a customer’s negative experience.


We must always be kind, regardless of what kind of day we are having. Showing Kindness in tough situation shows great customer service and can very easily turn a bad situation into a positive one.

Written by: Brandy Aab