The Barracuda Difference

The results are in! We are officially one of the highest rated companies on Google in the Tulsa area. What makes us so great? It’s our Four Dimensional Matching!

Company’s Needs

The first dimension we consider when looking to match a candidate to an open job is the company’s needs. This is what makes the job open in the first place and is the starting point of any candidate search.

Unfortunately, a lot of staffing agencies stop here. The find the first candidate that can fill their clients existing opening. Not everyone stops here though, a small percentage make it to…

Candidate’s Needs

The second perspective we take into consideration is what the candidates themselves are looking for. The way we see it is that Jane Smith may have all the qualifications that Company A is looking for, but if the pay and/or hours aren’t what Jane needs, it’s not a good fit for her. The key is to find a candidate that wants what the company is offering.

More bad news, every other company stops here. Where else is there to go? We’ve matched a candidate and company, fulfilling everyone’s needs. Thankfully, our recruiting team at Barracuda Staffing doesn’t stop there.

Company’s Long Term Goals

Our goal is not to fill job orders. Our goal is to help companies grow and improve their businesses. We like to ask our clients about what they are working towards. Where do they see a future need? What are the future opportunities for person in X position? What are the company wide goals for the next five years? Etc. Knowing this information allows us to find a strong candidate that not only fits an immediate need, but that can spur growth in the company.

Candidate’s Long Term Goals

We define success as placing our candidates in a job that not only fulfills their needs for right now, but gives them a career in a company for years. This last step is crucial in ensuring that we’ve done everything we can for our client’s and candidates.

Our recruiters take the extra time to get to know our applicants and to discover where they want to be in a few years, what their career goals are. We want to give careers, not jobs. The only way this is possible is by fulfilling both immediate needs and goals.

4 Dimensional Matching

Our approach works. Check out our Google reviews to see for yourself. No other agency takes the steps and time we do, no other agency has Four Dimensional Matching.

If you are ready to lower your turnover and build your team with passionate employees, give us a call at (918) 488-0887!

Written by: Summer Putman Rollison