The More You Grow

Complacency is a common issue in many aspects of life such as relationships, finances, academics, and even careers! Becoming complacent in your career can lead to stunted career growth and unhappiness in the workplace. Here are some tips to jump start that fire again!

Increasing your Workload

Nothing says “I want to grow” like requesting to take on a heavier workload. This doesn’t mean ask for a handful of things at once, but start small with a new task or two. Once you have those new tasks under control, ask for more! Taking on new projects or duties will expand your knowledge and capabilities within your field. As you start to take on more, do not neglect  your primary duties. This is counter-productive to growth within any organization!

Continuing Education

No matter the position, there is ALWAYS more to learn about your career and industry. Find conferences, conventions, and luncheons online. Not only is it beneficial to learn from presentations, but you can up your game by learning from the experiences of other professionals like you! There are also many different publications for career postings both online and in magazines. It could be worth the read as you may find that one line that plants a little more knowledge in your arsenal.

Time Management

It is extremely easy to get distracted throughout the day. Thoughts float through your head, conversations erupt, and sometimes you hit that 3pm wall. Planning out your day to be as productive as possible is important. Set aside time for certain tasks. Stick to your schedule as closely as possible since this will leave you less time to stray from your work. This takes a reasonable amount of self discipline to adhere to, but it will make you a much more efficient and organized professional. Allow time for short breaks to reset your mind since you are less likely to produce if your brain is overwhelmed.

Looking Inward

Sometimes your biggest motivation for growth can come from within! Now, this doesn’t mean you have to sit in silence and meditate, but rather simply noticing how you feel throughout your day may give you some clues. You may realize you enjoy certain things or tasks, and from there you can take the initiative to explore those further. Maybe you realize you lack in certain areas. Use those feelings as an opportunity to pursue growth. Once you are able to be honest with yourself and understand that not being great at EVERYTHING is ok, then you can begin to take steps to improve as not only a person but an employee and coworker as well!

When it comes to professional development there are many ways to learn and grow! Think outside the box and even make mistakes! Growth takes time and effort. As long as you strive to be the best you that you can be, the opportunities will be endless!

Written by: Evin Hamilton