“Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work If You Love What You Do”

We’ve all heard this saying, right? I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of the saying until I found a job I truly loved. As a recruiter, we see quite a few people coming and going, and I found if people pay special attention to what’s most important to them in a job, they generally enjoy their work more. I want to talk about some key aspects that may be important to you when you’re looking for the job.

One of the first things you need to do in your job search is think of some things that motivate you to get up in the morning. In this day and age, everyone assumes money is the top motivator or the most important part in a new position. In some cases, this may be true but there are a lot of other factors that may play into your job search.


To some people culture may not be a big deal. Some individuals can work under any type of leadership or company culture, but to others this can be a very large factor in a job search. Even if the pay, location, and hours are right, if you aren’t being led the way you need to be the lack of a culture match can often lead to being unhappy.


We’ve established that different people have different needs and priorities. Even if you do have your own vehicle, it’s important to think practically if you’re going to drive 45+ minutes to work every day and if you’d be happy doing so in the long run. Some people enjoy a nice ride to and from work to clear their head and wind down from their day, but to others it could be a large reason as to why they are burnt out.


Hours could perhaps be the most important aspect when looking for a job. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself or your recruiter about how many hours you’re willing to work without compromising the other activities that are important in your life. If spending weekends with the family is important to you, then your voice should be heard in your job search and it’s probably not advisable to accept a job that works 12 hour shifts with required overtime.

These are just a quick 3 examples of motivators and different factors that can play into a job search. As a recruiter myself, I pride myself on the fact that Barracuda Staffing doesn’t throw you into a job without carefully considering all your needs and your future company’s needs. We aim for long term placement which leads to long term success.

Written By: Ali Teague