Work Life Balance

For a lot of people, work life balance can seem like an impossible task. However, there are ways that we can achieve the goal of balancing our days. A few things that can help with this balance are:

Set Goals

Set goals that are manageable and can be reached on a daily basis. – Don’t set daily goals to be hard to attain. Setting manageable goals helps to reduce the stress of finding a neutral ground.

Time Management

Time management is key – manage your time effectively and efficiently. Prioritize what needs to be done first and focus on those tasks.


Take a break – take a 5 or 10 minute break to rest your mind and ease any stresses that may overcome you, this will refresh you and you can come back to the task at hand less stressed.

Make Mistakes – Move On

Accept that we are all human and we will make mistakes. Don’t dwell on them instead learn from them and move on.

Work Stays at Work, Home Stays at Home

Leave work at work- A lot easier said than done I know, but it is important when you go home you are able to relax and not worry about work.

Get Active

Stay active at home- this reduces stress and anxiety.

Time for Yourself

Take time for yourself – go out and do some things you enjoy that are not work related.

Social Events

Schedule a recurring social event – whether it be a regular lunch with friends, Make plans that you can plan other things around instead of planning a social event around other things.


Plan your day in the morning – determine what you need to get done before finishing for the day and try to stick to that plan.

Family Time

Make time for your family – Plan an outing or plan a weekend away or even just plan on staying home with the family during the weekend.

Divide and Conquer

Split the chores- Assign chores to each person in your household, that takes some stress off of you and helps promote working together to get it done.

Written By: Brandy Aab