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Your Time is Worth Money!


From start to finish, the hiring process can take an extensive amount of time and energy, especially if multiple positions are required and multiple staff members are involved with on-boarding and training. Even if your company has dedicated HR staff, the workload involved for managing your employees is immense.

Barracuda Staffing can help your HR staff thrive. We offer Payroll, Up-Front Screening, and Full-Service Hiring solutions to help keep your business running smoothly.

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We save you time and money through our staffing solutions so you can focus on production.

Our Process

Stop losing time and money! Long gone are the days that you spend countless hours searching for a new employee to fill that money draining, empty position. Let us take it off your hands!

Steps 1-4: No cost! No pain!

1. Provide us with a job description and basic job site information, complete the service agreement & application.

2. Review hand-selected resumes of candidates that have been interviewed by Barracuda. Each resume is provided with a short write up explaining why we believe the candidate is a good fit.

3. Interview the candidate of your choosing.

4. Make an Offer: we will reach out to the candidate with your offer. Upon acceptance, we take care of the background screening, drug test (if applicable), and any other verifications you require. We take care of the paperwork and the payroll as well!

When your hand-selected candidate begins employment, hours worked are billed weekly.

Available Services

The Barracuda Way provides you with:

  • Up-front interview where candidates are screened for skills relevant to the job and a fit with company culture, as well as an initial public background check completed by Barracuda Staffing

  • Resumes are sent over with a detailed write-up about our screening of the candidate and why we believe they would be a good fit for the position.

  • In-House or Lab drug testing depending on your requirements

  • Onboarding Paperwork and Background Checks, additional screening as needed

  • Payroll services; we provide you with a simple weekly invoice like any other vendor!

Individual Services:

If you just need small timesavers to help free up your day for other projects, we offer individual as well as packaged services.

Payroll Only:

Don’t want to track time sheets, cut checks, or figure out taxes and health insurance deductions? We can help!

Screening Only:

If you have a great process for finding talent, but no time to track the various screening pieces that come together from different sources, we can take this step off your shoulders!

What Clients & Candidates Are Saying


“Barracuda Staffing is our first choice for staffing services. We’ve been working with them since their inception & they are a reliable source for our staffing needs. Barracuda is a company we can trust. We utilize their services for unfilled shifts, vacancies, and skilled labor. Barracuda’s associates are responsive to our needs & we are very comfortable with the candidates that they provide us.” -Chris S.

“Barracuda Staffing is an outstanding agency to work with. I am completely satisfied with my experience and will continue to use their services in the future. Barracuda has consistently sent dependable and hardworking candidates whether it was for a temporary or temp-to-hire need. I have had great success with retention of those sent to me by Barracuda. They are well versed in the manufacturing industry and committed to providing top notch professional and quality staffing service.” -Shala M.

“…Our organization has always prided itself on seeking partnerships with local firms that truly act in our best interest in providing candidates that are skilled enough to thrive in our workforce, while also possessing the level of professionalism and culture match we require. All 3 components I might add are very hard to come by and locate. Many firms have tried over the years and very few have been successful for us.” -Ryan M.

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