Four Dimensional Matching

Exclusively at Barracuda Staffing

We’re taking the time to make sure that our candidates and clients receive the best treatment possible. We take a look at four different categories during our recruiting process.

Client’s Immediate Needs

We understand what our clients need in the short term. We have the job orders, and we’re ready to fill them. We don’t stop here though.

Candidate’s Immediate Needs

Matching candidates to positions we have open is easy. We take a look at their skills and what they want immediately from a position and do our best to place them. We still don’t stop there.

Client’s Long Term Goals

We take it a step further to look at what our client would like the candidate we send doing at their company in the long term. It’s important for us to understand what our candidates can expect later on in their career. We still go even further.

Candidate’s Long Term Goals

We take the time to figure out what our candidates want in six months, a year, or longer. Our goal is to make lasting placements that match up with all of the candidates’ and clients’ needs.


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