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Restoration and Remodel Construction

Barracuda Staffing Full-Time  Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States 28 Feb 2019

Job Description

We are currently looking to fill a Restoration and Remodel Construction position with a Tulsa company.

 Ideal candidate will have experience in skilled construction tradesman work on restoration and remodeling projects generally dealing with damage resulting from fire, water, and storm related events.

 Shift: Day Shift
Hours: 8-10 hour days
Starting Pay: $16-$18

 Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Trim carpentry and mill-work experience
  • Ability to install base, case, crown, cabinetry and misc mill-work in a quality manner
  • Complete drywall patches and repairs to smooth and textured surfaces that blend into existing surfaces
  • Ability to properly mask, prep, and paint various interior and exterior finishes on buildings
  • Light framing and rough carpentry experience
  • Wall/ceiling framing repairs
  • Demolition experience
  • Most jobs consist of demolition and then repairs



  • Ability to identify how to prep and then properly prep job areas to keep a clean work environment and not damage finishes to areas we are not working in
  • Overtime required weekday after hours and weekends depending on severe seasonal weather patterns
  • Physical job with ability to pick up heavy materials and move around
  • Ability to remain organized with detailed hourly job logs and use current purchase order numbers for material purchases
  • Successfully pass drug screening and background check
  • Must possess valid driver’s license, have clean driving record, and reliable daily transportation to office
  • Ability to communicate with property owners


If interested in this position and meet the requirements listed above, please “Apply Now” and submit resume for consideration. 

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