Tulsa – A Wonderful Place To Live!

Tulsa Oklahoma Skyline

Tulsa is a remarkable city that reflects the deep and abiding commitment of its citizens toward overcoming adversity.  Pursuant to the Indian Removal Act in 1830, scores of Native Americans were removed from their lands throughout the Southeast.  The forced emigration of members of the Creek Nation along the infamous Trail of Tears came to an end for a group of Muscogee people when they found an oak tree overlooking the Arkansas River, and chose that spot for the birth of a new village named Talasi (“Old Town”).  On this site, they spread the ashes from the old council fire and started a new council fire, symbolic of warmth, enduring life, and wisdom.

Tulsa grew steadily through downturns and periods of epidemics and unrest, as well boom times and economic prosperity.  

At one time, Tulsa was called “America’s Most Beautiful City” during the heyday of Route 66’s popularity, and the love and care put into making Tulsa a wonderful place to live continues to this day.  In 2013, Tulsans approved the first phase of its Vision 2017 program, a massive and multi-faceted revitalization program addressing everything from infrastructure to heritage and preservation of historical culture.  From the newly created Gathering Place for Tulsa that transforms 100 waterfront acres into parks and recreational areas to the expansion of museums and roadways, there is concrete evidence that Tulsa citizens, City Planners, and philanthropic organizations alike are pouring love and care into the continued rejuvenation of a beautiful and diverse city.

Learning from the lessons of repeated oil busts, Tulsa diversified to become a global hub for several important industries, including Aerospace and Heat Exchange Technology.  Tulsa has a thriving manufacturing industry, building parts that are shipped around the world for a variety of uses.  In addition to the hundreds of manufacturers providing jobs in Greater Tulsa, the Port of Catoosa as well as the nearby MidAmerica Industrial Park also facilitate industry and bring wealth to the region.

If you like to fish, have a boat, have a heated or cooled home, recently ate something from McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, ever purchased toilet paper at Wal-Mart, flown on an airplane, or if you recently drank or ate something out of a glass container, chances are high you just used or consumed something that was made in Tulsa.  Tulsa is at the heart of almost everything that moves in this country, whether it is drilling or fluid pumping technology, oil and gas as a commodity keeping the wheels turning and the lights on, rail freight, instrumentation and controls of vehicles and airplanes, brake and friction products, airflow and ventilation, and so much more.  Tulsans are proud to go to work every day making the components and commodities that literally make the world go ‘round.

Tulsa has a host of skills training programs for the labor force, as well as several Vocational and Technical Colleges and traditional universities.  The cost of living is reasonable and the people are friendly, inclusive, and civic-minded.  We love our city through all of its ups and downs, and we are proud to call Tulsa home!

New to the Area?

If you have recently moved to Tulsa, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our city! There is so much to see and do, you could literally be busy every weekend. We don’t think we could fit it all on just one website, however, here are some links to local area parks, organizations, and attractions that might help you settle in and feel right at home! We also give away tickets and poll our regulars on Facebook to find out everyone’s favorite spots – Like our page or follow us on Twitter to get in on the action!

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Where are there Recreational Areas in Tulsa?

Tulsa has an incredible wealth of places for you to kick back and enjoy the sunshine! As part of the Vision Tulsa series of projects, it was important to the community to enhance the city’s greenspaces and public outlets for recreation and enjoyment. Enjoy miles of paved walking and biking trails along the Arkansas River, picnic on the Guthrie Green, or enjoy one of the many parks in the area!

Looking for Museums or Historical Buildings?

We cannot even list them all! Tulsa boasts a beautifully revitalized downtown area, and a wealth of tradition and heritage from multiple cultures. It has been of vital importance to the community to keep history alive in Tulsa, from our Native American roots, to our love of the Route 66 era, and our present-day melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Nothing embraces Tulsa’s spirit of inclusivity better than Woody Guthrie’s anthem, “This Land is Your Land”. If you enjoy art, history, music, or just learning something new, here are several great ways to spend an afternoon!

What Kind of Festivals & Events are Happening in Tulsa?

If you love a good turkey leg, fried dough, Sasquatch, or accordions, it won’t take you too long to find them here! Tulsa is rich with heritage from multiple cultures, and there is most certainly a little something here for everyone: this is by no means an exhaustive list, there’s much, much more, but that could potentially be an entire new website.

Does Tulsa have any local Bakeries or Coffeeshops?

After all that exercise, you might need some dessert and a great cup of coffee! Tulsa has several national chains, but here are some local establishments that will keep you coming back for more. Notably, there is a strong coffee culture in Tulsa and we have the benefit of enjoying local roasters and purveyors who cater to coffee lovers with world-class products.

Is There Anything Good to Eat in Tulsa?

The food scene is literally off the hook here! No matter what your preference, be it Italian, pho, sushi, Caribbean, fusion, German, BBQ, Mexican, steak, Indian, diner food, fresh gulf seafood, Asian cuisine and more, we’ve got outstanding locally-owned restaurants that cater to the refined palate! We are blessed to have nationally-acclaimed chefs here in Tulsa, and you will find a vibrant foodie culture everywhere you turn! Though we cannot possibly list them all, here are some places to enjoy:

  • Puerto Bello
  • El Guapo (rooftop)
  • Napa Flats
  • Molly’s Landing in Catoosa
  • El Tequila
  • Oliveto
  • Redrock Canyon Grill
  • Pepper’s
  • In the Raw
  • Villa Ravenna
  • BC Steakhouse
  • Pho Da Cao
  • Pie Hole Pizzeria

Also of note:

We even have local sports teams!

Supporting your local teams is fun and affordable! If you need a place to show off your foam #1 finger, favorite jersey, and face paint, look no further; you can even bring your dog to a Drillers game during “Bark in the Park” events.

As you can see, there are tons of things to do and enjoy in Tulsa; we have barely scratched the surface.  If you are new to the area and looking for ways to meet new friends, there are tons of clubs, organizations, and groups to join, and so many events to take part in or volunteer at.  Grab a bottle of water and some sunscreen and get out there!

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